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Standing Fan HAEGER Cross Wind – 45W, 3 speeds, Diameter 40cm

Fan Diameter 40 cm, 100% copper motor, 3 speeds, 45W power

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Keep your home cool with the HAEGER Cross Wind

The HAEGER Cross Wind fan is powerful enough to keep your home cool and comfortable during hot summer days. With a diameter of 40 cm and 45W of power, this standing fan can circulate the air over large areas. In addition, the 90º oscillation function allows fresh air to be distributed throughout the room. With this fan, you will enjoy a pleasant and cool atmosphere in your home all summer long.

Durable and quiet motor
The HAEGER Cross Wind foot fan has a highly durable 100% copper motor, ensuring a long service life for the device. In addition, the quiet operation of the fan is perfect for those who want to keep their home cool without having to deal with the annoyance of constant noise. The 670mm long cross feet also ensure greater stability for the appliance, preventing falls and ensuring safety.

Adjustable and Comfortable
With the HAEGER Cross Wind Foot Fan, you can adjust the height of the appliance vertically up to 130 cm, allowing you to direct the airflow where you need it most. The 3 speeds also allow you to choose the intensity of the cool air, according to your personal preference. In addition, the fan has a modern and stylish design that integrates easily into any home decor.

High Foot Fan
– Fan diameter: 40 cm
– Motor of high durability 100% copper
– Long cross legs with 670mm, for greater stability
– 3 speed settings
– 90º oscillation function
– Quiet operation
– Vertically adjustable up to 130cm
– Power: 45 Watts

Sheets and Manual

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