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Blender HAEGER Sports Stainless Steel – 350W, TRITAN 600ml Cup, INOX Thermal Bottle

Blender with two glasses
Models: LQ-350.008A

  • TRITAN cup with sports lid 600 ML
  • Premium, extra-strong, BPA-free material
  • TERMO stainless steel cup 600ML (maintains the temperature of the drink)
  • Set of 4 stainless steel blades
  • Non-slip feet
  • Power: 350W
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Style, power and practicality

The HAEGER Sports Inox blender offers an innovative beverage preparation experience.

The cup made of TRITAN, an extra-strong premium material, has a capacity of up to 600ml, and the sports lid is BPA-free, guaranteeing safety and durability. What’s more, the 600ml INOX thermo cup keeps your drinks at the ideal temperature for much longer.

Equipped with 350W of power and stainless steel blades, this blender is efficient and versatile, making it easy to prepare juices, smoothies and other drinks.

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